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How to Make Your GMB Account Work for Property Management Company

In the last decade, the importance of Google My Business (GMB) has increased dramatically. It has become an invaluable feature for any real estate business. GMB provides lots of benefits such as the followings: Increased visibility. Direct call button from the search. Direct directions from the search Direct link to website (if any). Business address […]

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Digital Marketing Channels that Work Best for Property Management Companies

Just two decades ago, purchasing a property was a timely and tough process. Home buyers or sellers had to have tons of documents signed, and also search for a broker who’d be able to provide them a cost-effective deal for the desired property. Though, this trend has changed dramatically over the last decade. A significant […]

property management lead generation

Why Your Property Management Website Doesn’t Generate Leads for Your Business (And how to fix them in 2020)

Did you know that 68% realtors say their website isn’t generating leads or calls? So, if you are in the field then probably have asked yourself: “Why can’t I generate leads or calls with my property management website?” The answer is simple: Because of tons of factors that can lead to it. Structure issues. Page […]

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Which Social Media Platform Your Property Management Business Needs More

Whether you are a leading enterprise or small business, whether you deal in travel or automotive industry, you need a social media presence. And real estate is not an exception. Especially, if you are planning to be successful in a competitive niche like property management, you will need to stand out. You can do that […]