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Our SEO masters provide local SEO services to bring potential customers directly to your business doors.

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Local SEO as Your Business Growth Key

Local search encompasses all those nifty search terms that scream local, such as:

  • Lawyers near me
  • Doctors near me
  • Lawyers in [city name]
  • Doctors in [city name]

For example, if you own a restaurant, you would like it to appear in the first page of results for searches such as “place to eat downtown Cambridge” or “dinner near Union Station.” Effective optimization of local SEO makes this happen.

People who are close to your business locations are the ones most likely to buy products or services. To help these people find you online, you need local SEO optimization as part of your digital marketing effort.

In other words, “Local SEO” refers to the optimization process that brings up your business when someone searches for similar companies in a specific area.

What We Do


Be shown #1 in Google Organic Search in front of your Customers.

We focus on Local organic SEO strategies to build a website’s high topical relevance and trust for targeted keyword phrases and get higher rankings on Google.

This is an incredibly effective way to market your local business online, as it helps businesses promote their products and services to local customers at the exact time they're looking for them online


Be shown in the 3 Pack of Google Maps with your main keyword!

In the 3 pack Google ranks businesses, not websites.

The 3-Pack ranks in the #1 position in 93% of Google search.

This makes the 3-Pack an absolutely essential for your businesses because it quickly reveals to searchers that you are the most relevant, especially when combined with the right review profile.

Google Users Trust the Google 3-Pack More Than Paid Ads

Get suggested by Google once searching for your main keyword!

Google Suggest is a function that provides suggestions to users while they type their search query into the search box. Now, also your brand can be suggested by Google, which can mean that you are an authoritative business that is worth to take a look at.

We are one of the few who knows how to influence Goggle to suggest your Brand.

Everyone uses it and trusts it as a Google indicator.

rep manage

Reviews are influential as almost everyone reads reviews and trusts them.

With reputation management services, we monitor and influence the online reputation of your brand or business. It includes building a reputation, it's maintenance, and recovery.

Reputation management is about managing the way people perceive your brand and nowadays customer reviews can make or break your online reputation.  Some stats:

- Before dining or shopping, 93% of the US consumers check online reviews.

- 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as friends and families' recommendations.

- 4 out of 5 consumers have stopped a purchase decision based on negative online reviews.


Using Social Media as a shortcut to your business doors!

Social Media is the shortest way to advertise your services to people you may be interested in you or your services. It's the ability to reach your exact audience.

Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising. Our strategy consist on putting in front of you target audience something will move them to purchase or try your products or services based on people's  age, interests, behavior, and location. 

Why You Need Local SEO

in other words, with us you will have MORE




Search Traffic




Brand Exposure

How We Do It

Lists of actions we use to implement our winning strategies for your business.


We optimize your website for local search so that it appears in the first positions of Google.

- We optimize your website with geographical target keywords.

- We make sure you have a contact page with location name, address and phone number.

- We generate the right Schema for a local business.

- We ensure your website is mobile friendly and is meeting Google’s page speed standards.

- We optimize your meta tags to get high CTR.
We get lots of quality reviews on your listings (Fb, Google etc.).

- We generate quality (and quantity) citations.
We build quality links to each target page.

- Deploy several uncovered strategies to get quicker results based on Google's guidelines.


Proven and tested strategy described below to show up on 3 pack.

- The first step is to set up (or claim) your Google My Business Listing.

- Setup it with the targeted keywords.

- Phone numbers and call tracking setup.

- Get quality genuine reviews.

- Get high quality Backlinks.

- Create HQ local citations.

- Optimize all the reviews, photos and internal links for higher exposure.

- Advanced Google properties boosting strategy.

- PR Maps strategy.


Get suggested by Google!

Google suggest refers to suggestions by Google during typing a search query.

First, we implement a keyword research to find the best and most relevant ones for your brand: keyword + brand or brand + keyword.

For example, "Digital Marketing Armenia InSeolytics".

Then, we make several calculations and find out some important numbers and start implementing actions that will make your brand be suggested by Google.

rep manage

Building, Maintaining and Recovering (In case of need)

To build reputation, we create a blog for you, get your brand listed in directories, open accounts in different social networks.

To maintain your brand reputation, we monitor the reputation continuously and control everything that can be controlled online.

To recover reputation, we encourage customers with positive feedback to review your brand, gain some publicity by writing articles that will clearly show your business value and services, etc.

We are here to help you build and maintain the positive reputation.


Using Social Media as a shortcut to your business doors!

Local Star is the process of creating ads, landing pages and other lead generating assets for your clients that will blow people's minds when they see the offer (typically irresistible offer that can be something free or at 80% discount).

Here the main point is to get the clients on the business doors and upsell them higher price extra services depending on the customer needs.

The most important thing here is to target the relevant audience and catch their attention to engage with your ads: take them to your landing page or call directly for an appointment.

Overall Process Step by Step






Strategy Creation





Analyzing of your website and online presence. This allows to find technical and other issues that can possibly heart your search performance.

Research & finding of keywords, link opportunities, & analyze competitors. This is an important stage as it lays the groundwork for all future actions.

Improvement of your website & online presence at all. In other words, planning the actions that will get you results the fastest.

After all the preparation steps, we start the implementation of the planned strategy.

Results can vary based on several factors: competition, niche, overall authority, etc. On average, it takes 6-9 months to taste the SEO fruits.

Why Choose Us

InSeolytics is based in Yerevan, Armenia and was founded by Hayk Espina Galstyan. Starting from the 1st day, every single client has got an unique approach and the agency has driven clients’ desired results.

With lots of SEO agencies to choose from, we pride ourselves on being different than others.

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We use SEO to grow our business!

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We have real results and testimonials!

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We only use proven  strategies!

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We believe you must give to receive!

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Our main and preferred channel is SEO!

InSeolytics Commandments new

Our Commandments

We work on each project like it’s ours. 

All the done work is based on Google standards. Thus, we don’t get any penalties.

All the implemented strategies are tested and proven.

We do not fake any traffic or results.

And other potential things that can come up in your mind.

Don't Lose the Opportunity

“By not taking action now, you are risking your business potential growth and letting your competitors take the part of the market that could be yours,”

Hayk Espina Galstyan

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