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Printax Online Printing Platform in Armenia

Printax Online Printing Platform in Armenia

Introducing one of our clients – Printax, first innovative online printing platform in Armenia, that offers range of products to print on demand with high quality.

Client needs were clear – being found on Google with the relevant keywords, which were mostly in Armenian, but with English letters:

  • շապիկների տպագրություն
  • shapikneri tpagrutyun
  • anhatakan shapikner
  • tpagrutyun maykaneri vra
  • tpagrutyun ktori vra


We have started to work on 1st of March 2018 and few weeks later the traffic started increasing.

Today, Printax.am is not only leading the first page on google with the selected keywords, but it’s also leading the first page on Google with only “tpagrutyun” keyword which has good amount of traffic. An organic average traffic is 10-15 visitors per day.

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Via: Printax.am