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Digital Marketing Channels that Work Best for Property Management Companies

Just two decades ago, purchasing a property was a timely and tough process. Home buyers or sellers had to have tons of documents signed, and also search for a broker who’d be able to provide them a cost-effective deal for the desired property.

Though, this trend has changed dramatically over the last decade. A significant part of home buyers search for property online before physically visiting it.

Stats show that:

  • 92% of home buyers search online to find the house they want.
  • 82% of real estate market investors trust online agents as a reliable source of information.

And whether you are new in this industry or already established company, you always want to expand your clients list. And how if not using the most productive resource nowadays – Internet.

To get the most from the broad range of digital marketing channels that the Internet provides you, you need to define the ones that will work best for your business.

So, let’s discuss some of the channels that work best.

Digital Advertising Channels

digital advertising property management

Facebook Ads:

Saying Facebook has 2.4 billion monthly active users means saying you have around 1/3 of the world population in front of you.

This platform provides you the option to set up detailed target ads (by demographics, interests, job, behavior, …) that can get you the group of property buyers and sellers you need. You can set literally any target you need.

Local advertising is especially useful as you can target people from a certain region. Facebook’s geo-targeting tool can help you to target a specific city or zip code so that your message can be personalized. It’s worth mentioning that in targeting, it’s always more effective to focus on a specific group, rather than go global.

Instagram carousel Ads:

Being a visual platform, Instagram enables businesses to attract tons of users with fascinating property photos. As per stats, an average user here spends over 53 minutes daily. So, why to use Instagram?

Despite the fact that 83% of house buyers want to see home images online, only 14% of real estate companies and agents use Instagram, making this platform more attractive.

One of the lots of options that Instagram provides is carousel ads. You can use this type of ads to display numerous images in one ad and enable your audience to scroll through and explore the property from inside and outside. When setting your ads, do remember to set local targeting, use hashtags, share testimonials, at the same time keeping the ad text short and clear.

Google Ads:

Google lets you target people in a specific local area, which is essential for any property management company. It’s a great source to get new leads that are genuinely interested in your services as they intentionally clicked on and opted in to your ads from your desired location.

Google offers different platforms for ads. Google Display can be useful to place your ads in real estate relevant blogs and different websites. With Google Search ads your business will appear in Google search, Google My Business (Maps) and local service ads with targeted keywords. This can be more useful, as people who search for CTA specific keywords, such as for instance “buy house in New York”, “real estate agents” or “Arlington properties“, will come up with your company’s ads. Google Ads also provides YouTube ads like banners and video ads that get displayed on the right sidebar, on the videos, also before, during and after the videos (video ads).

Email Marketing

email marketing property management

Regardless of the industry and size of your real estate business, this is one of the most productive digital marketing channels out there with around 4300% ROI (Direct Marketing Association).

And why is this channel that effective?

Even nowadays, email marketing is still considered the most affordable channel of business promotion online. In addition, with this channel, you can build loyal followers, by providing them useful content.

One essential step of email marketing is lead generation, in other words – collecting emails.

In order to generate leads or subscribers you will need to have a blog or some kind of informational site where people will be able to find good content that can somehow be beneficial for your potential subscribers.

By sharing valuable articles, at the end of each one you can encourage the users to subscribe to your emails by asking them for their emails to not miss any upcoming interesting post.

Another way to get subscribers is to post articles with downloadable different buying guides or PDFs which can include some value for users. Moreover, you can go much further and offer different discounts on commission fees for the subscription, or early access to new property offers.

By doing this correctly, targeting the right audience, posting relevant articles, you can create a productive email list.

The action step of email marketing is the list of strategically created email subsequences which can lead to desired sales. You can send emails about new properties, special offers, discounts on commission fees, early access to exclusive properties, etc.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media marketing property management

Any business can be presented in different social media platforms. However, not all of them have a winning strategy to succeed.

Social media is not about just posting a real estate related content and hoping people will engage with it. It’s about deeply analyzing various platforms, selecting the most productive ones for your real estate company, creating a step-by-step detailed strategic plan, and executing it in the best way possible.

We have already discussed which social media channels to choose, how to use them, and more effective tips in our comprehensive article regarding social media platforms.

Remember that the main purpose here is brand awareness. Also, these are the places where clients directly interact with you.

Be active, be effective, share useful information, ask your clients, listen to them, find out the issues regarding property purchase and selling, try to share different solutions.

Just be more than home selling and buying services providing agency, by developing credibility, reputation, interacting with your clients. Let people associate your brand with industry innovations, all the positive there can be in the real estate sphere.

Remember that doing that you will be the first one who will come in your potential clients mind when trying to buy or sell your property.

User-Friendly Lead Generating Website

lead generation property management

You can have the best strategic plan, run the most productive ads, use various social media platforms the best way, have a broad email list, lead tons of traffic to your website, but if the website is not well designed, isn’t easy to navigate, speed is extremely low, be ready that the drastic part of the visitors will just leave your site within seconds.

So, how to transform your business to get that much desired leads?

This can sound quite challenging which may lead to doing nothing. But remember that having a website, you will not only benefit from PPC but also from the most cost effective traffic channel: SEO. As Google will index most of your content and rank it based on many factors.

Start with a strategically designed website structure: Remember that your website should be easy to navigate, allow people easily find what they need without getting disturbed with unnecessary information. Clearly differentiate your content, get the strategic pages (contact page, about page, etc.) optimized.

Clear website design: Make sure to have an attractive design (2-3 main colors), using right colors, fonts (not more than 3 fonts), optimized headlines. Don’t forget about white space. It is crucial in allowing visitors to pay attention to the important information in the site. Just keep it simple, always.

Cleverly use content: You need keyword optimized clearly written content, text content shouldn’t be a lot, and not a little (1,200 – 1,600 words per page in average – besides contact page). Don’t exaggerate with multimedia content, use as much as it can be enough to help visitors figure out what the point is about. Remember that lots of multimedia, especially GIFs, can dramatically low down the website speed.

Internal links: Use internal links to connect different pages of the website to make it effortless to navigate there and faster find the necessary information.

TIP: You can use real estate related templates that are available online. You will just need to change images and text to fit your information. And of course start creating great value content which will lead to subscribers and followers.

You can use different marketplaces like:

  • (most popular)
local seo and gmb property management

As discussed above,nowadays you can’t go far online without SEO. But we don’t speak about global SEO.

The best thing any property management company can do is to focus on Local SEO and Google Maps 3 Pack.

Here is why.

Let’s say you are searching for a home. First place you go are search engines. Being more specific, it’s Google.

By optimizing your website for relevant keywords locally, you can make it be shown on the top of Google.

More important, optimize your Google My Business page, as the first thing anyone comes up with is Google Maps. So you need to be properly presented there to get the part of your potential clients.

Deep keyword research (local and for Google Maps), on-page website optimization, issues defining and fixing, off-page optimization, Google Maps page optimization are just some steps of local SEO.

At InSeolitycs, we have huge expertise on how to build and grow online presence and mainly for Local SEO and GMB for property management companies.

Influencer Marketing with the Right Influencers

influencer marketing property management

Nowadays, buyers prefer to trust someone they know to recommend properties to them. This is where influencer marketing plays the main role.

Reasons why influencer marketing can bring your real estate business a tremendous success:

  • High ROI: Influencer marketing can trigger 11 times more ROI than other forms of traditional advertising annually.
  • Huge Audience: Reach millions of followers through influencers’ social media channels, websites, and blogs, targeting potential clients.
  • High Trust: Through the existing relationships with their audiences, influencers have an inbuilt trust and can influence customers opinions.

The con is that it is too broad and it’s not local most of the time.

This can be a bit tricky, but you can get potential brand awareness and followers which can lead to sales somehow for a long time.

Where and how to start?

Define your objectives: What do you want to achieve? More followers, likes and brand awareness on social media? Or to promote your website, a specific property to get potential clients?

Select the right influencers to get real results: You need to choose relevant influencers, so their followers will show an interest in your service.

In addition, choose micro influencers with local followers. Micro influencers provide some benefits: low prices, specified target audience, sometimes higher trust level. Moreover, reaching people who live in a certain location that you target is fundamenta.

Popular platforms among influencers are Facebook, YouTube and especially Instagram. Also popular bloggers can be useful. However, once again keep in mind that only relevant influencers can bring you desired results.

Here are some links for influencer platforms (hopefully they will be helpful):

Tips: Use These Uncovered Digital Marketing Sources to Boost Your Leads

Use Quora to Generate Real Estate Leads

quora proerty management

Being a question and answer website, Quora can become quite a useful resource to generate leads.

Let’s say a home buyer has specific questions about purchasing a property. One of the main platforms he/she will use to get an answer is Quora, as it’s a platform with great answers. Often, when you can’t find an answer to your questions online, Quora comes with its useful ones and helps to somehow solve issues.

Here questions are different: people can ask “what to pay attention to when buying a home” or “what’s the best real estate agency”, even ask for advice: “recommend me a good property management company”, etc.

Home buyers and sellers use this website. So, by giving valuable answers to different questions, you only catch the attention of the question writer, but also lots of other users. Moreover, if the answer is more than just valuable, it really is issue-solving, it can get lots of upvotes (likes), making the answer appear on the top of the list.

By using Quora and answering different questions, you not only catch the attention of potential clients, but also create a brand awareness, somehow increase the trust towards your brand, and not less important, create future prospects. Remember that the answer will stay there and even after months, years they can still bring you people interested in buying or selling homes.

So how to use this platform? Start with creating a complete account of your real estate company. Select related industries so you will be invited to answer different questions. Find relevant questions (you can use different call to action keywords as well) and answer them. Also ask different questions to find out why some people don’t take the final action in buying a property, for example “What do you pay attention to while choosing a real estate agency?”.

Quora is a platform with huge potential. Use it the right way to get lots of benefits from it not only today, but mainly in the future.

TIP: You can advertise on Quora for certain types of questions or queries which may lead to calls or leads.

Partner with Airbnb to Find Short or Long Time Rentals

airbnb property management

This can sound a little bit strange. However, it still works tremendously well when it comes to short-term rentals. Where else can you find this much large target audience ready to rent houses and apartments for quite high prices? Nowhere. One more thing, with short-term rentals you can make much more profits.

Airbnb’s “Friendly Buildings Program” is a quite useful tool for real estate agencies to provide tenants the option to list their rentals on Airbnb. This is a secure and transparent way to make extra money and share a percentage with your tenants who will love you for that.

However, Airbnb can be not only an extra profit source, but also become one of your main profit sources. So, Airbnb should definitely be one of your main target digital channels.

Learn more about the Airbnb Friendly Buildings program.


By creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy that includes different channels combined and used the most effective way possible is the secret to online success for any business.


  • Valuable blog articles create a brand awareness.
  • Effective reviews and testimonials create a positive online brand reputation.
  • Effective and interesting social media posts keep your clients engaged.
  • Professional attractive photos and videos win you fans.
  • Higher-rankings on search engines attract potential clients.
  • Optimized Google Maps accounts bring the most calls.

All in one, effectively implemented strategic digital marketing plans wins you clients, bringing sales and profits.


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