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Why Your Property Management Website Doesn’t Generate Leads for Your Business (And how to fix them in 2020)

Did you know that 68% realtors say their website isn’t generating leads or calls?

So, if you are in the field then probably have asked yourself: “Why can’t I generate leads or calls with my property management website?”

The answer is simple: Because of tons of factors that can lead to it.

  • Structure issues.
  • Page Speed.
  • User experience and User interface.
  • Low quality and not convertible content.
  • Among others.
  • Low quality traffic or its absence.
  • Not relevant traffic.

Let’s get deeper and find out the main issues and the ways to fix them together. Doing that you can be in that 32% that generates leads with their real estate websites.

Website Structure Issues

property management website structure

Design of your website: Well-structured, an easy to navigate website can be a winning point for you, especially if it provides enough proper information about your property management company.

Quick tip: You need to have a clear website structure. Reduce any unnecessary information, pages. Make it simple as much as you can. Make it eye catchy. Use not more than 2-3 main colors and fonts. Do not forget about keyword optimized headlines, as they are important for SEO as well.

The usability of your property management website: It’s critical to have a mobile optimized website. Remember that mobile optimization of the website is a main factor for ranking your website on Google.

Quick tip: You need to optimize your website for both mobile and desktop. To do that, you can create different pages for desktop and mobile, and hide or show some features on the mobile version. You can also optimize your website by choosing a responsive template for it (there are tons on the internet), or you can hire a web developer and web designer to do that.

The speed of your website: No one is ready to spend lots of time on navigating a website. If the visitors get disturbed with the low speed of the site and are not able to check everything they want in it without wasting time, they will just leave your website.

Quick tip: You can improve your website speed by optimizing your website multimedia content and reducing extra Megabytes. Do not use lots of GIFs and different animations because they are high weight  and can slow down the overall site speed.

You may also be interested to change your servers in case it’s slow.

One plugin you can use is the Caching Plugins here you can see a review of best 5.

You can check the page speed and get a free audit from Google Page-Speed Insights or  Gtmetrix.

Website Content Issues

property management website

Absence of clear and appropriate contact information in the website: To generate leads, you should provide contact information so the customers can contact you eight away. And only the email is not enough. You need to provide your phone number (preferably with a local area code) and address.

About Page: A complete transparent information is a huge trust factor. Most of the bug companies that convert leads or traffic into customers are because of their team transparency. The About page humanizes you and makes you real. Via this page, people know your story, and the more they know about you, the more they will trust you and your brand.

Absence of testimonials: Anyone who comes to your website for the first time, before making any purchase or getting in touch, wants to know what your clients speak about your product/service. Having positive testimonials is super helpful and important.

Not working or inappropriate social media profile links: Some businesses don’t get the point of sharing social media accounts on the website. They put social media account links only because it’s required.. However, people actually click on these links and if they find dead accounts or not working links, they can just leave your site.

On the other hand, if you link to proper living social media accounts, this can become one step forward to lead generation and sales.

Website Traffic Issues

property management website traffic

Absence of enough traffic: You can’t generate leads without targeted traffic. And to get traffic, there are several powerful sources. 

  • Paid advertising is the fastest way to get traffic. Facebook, Google Ads can be great sources here (Probably this option is the most expensive one, at the same time the fast one to get results).
  • You can also get traffic through social media by sharing engaging content. Make sure to use the best social media platforms for your property management business to get better exposure. 
  • Another source of traffic and probably the most productive one is search engines. Well planned and implemented SEO strategies can get you a long-term huge amount of relevant traffic.

Not relevant traffic: You can get lots of traffic, but it’s worth nothing if it is not relevant. You need to focus on your target audience to get traffic that will generate leads for your business.

What to do:

  • Search engines: Make sure to choose and optimize your website for relevant keywords (for example, property management Arlington TX).
  • GMB: Optimize your Google My Business account to get your business and website seen on Google Maps 3 Pack.
  • Ads: Target relevant audience to get productive lead generating traffic.
  • Social media: Ensure to speak in your target audience language, share information that can interest them to attract relevant people.

Tips to Generate Real Estate Leads

property management lead generation

To get maximum from your site, we share some tips.

Write lead generating blog posts: Nowadays, real estate blogs are a great source of traffic and leads, as besides looking for property, buyers and sellers are also looking for information that could be useful for them. By providing valuable content to them so that they can see you as a trusted and credible resource, you can generate leads. 

The best attention catching titles for blog posts can be the How, why and when.

  • 15 Unconventional Knowledge About Selling a House that You Can’t Learn From Books.
  • 10 Small But Important Things to Observe in Selling a House.
  • Seven Things You Should Know Before Getting into the Sell House Industry.
  • 15 Reliable Sources to Learn About the Sell House Industry.

Also don’t forget that the content needs to be keyword optimized so Google can crawl your content and index it based on your target keywords. 

Virtual tours through properties: Professional 360-degree virtual tours are a great way of showing properties on websites, social media, and even on Google Maps. These tours can become a game changer by allowing your clients to get familiar with your provided properties without visiting you. They can also help your business stand out from the competitors.

Optimize your website for local SEO and Google My Business: The importance of local SEO for real estate business is increasing daily, and for any physical business it’s essential to have Google My Business account optimized. This is because the first place buyers start searching for a property is the Internet.

Property management companies that have optimized their site for the local SEO have more traffic, phone calls, and website visits, and that’s because they have higher Google rankings (Fact based on Google rules).

Increase calls: To increase calls from your site, you should create a direct dial-in code in the homepage so people can call you directly from the mobile or desktop.

For WordPress you can use this plugin:

Or use this code with your mobile phone numbers in the site:

< a href=”tel:+19170000000″>Call +1 917-000-0000

Here is an example of one of our clients:

To get real results you need to trust it to professional Digital marketing agencies like us.

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